10 Annoying Workplace Habits to avoid in 2023

21 Oct 2022

There are several things that can make your blood boil or your skin crawl in the office. It needn’t be immensely disappointing things. Sometimes, what irks us most are tiny and negligible stuff—no idea why they’re called ‘pet’ peeves, but that’s what they are. And the office space is most often filled with a thousand of them. 

There are some annoying workplace habits you just can't tolerate. Some things we can ignore and some things we rectify. However, there are times when this gets a little too overbearing and we have to always remember a common trait among many workplaces: the annoying habits of colleagues.  

Here are a few.

#1. The Complainer

Yeah, they have the world on their shoulders and everything is too heavy! All they do is complain and crib and go at this cycle again and again and again. It’s not a bad thing to complain when work gets too much, of course, we all have bad days—but, bad days every day is a tad bit suspicious. When that colleague of yours can’t handle any task, or even the weather or even the squeaky chair or something as minor as a pen that doesn’t work anymore, it gets infuriating.

#2. The Loud One

There’s no harm in being loud when you’re happy, but the workplace isn’t a place for said loudness, of course. There are some loud people who willingly speak for minutes together on call, being as deafening as they possibly can, trying their hardest to get their voices to reach the other side of the shore. However, it’s not only on call. During moments that require the utmost peace for focus, they’re there, being their loud selves, hahaha-ing their way to irksome glory.

#3. The In-Betweener

The phrase very well suggests what they do.

They get in between conversation, meetings, ideas and heck, even your thoughts!

This coworker speaks over not only you but everyone around you—because they probably have no idea what they’re doing wrong. They talk over you because they can’t hold the ideas or words within themselves, and listening is, perhaps, not second nature to them. Therefore, this should be one of the most annoying workplace habits anyone has experienced.

#4. The Smelly One

No one’s got the right to judge, but an office space is known for maintaining an etiquette and minimum disorder. There’s always that one colleague who smells out of this world and not in a good way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad odour, no one’s talking about bad here—but strong. They carry scents with them that make your head spin and not ever in a good way. Either too much cologne or too little, scents have a range of hitting the octave for annoyance. 

#5. The Messy-iah

Once again, no judgment whatsoever, but it always irks one to see a messy table at a workplace. It’s the one place where we expect things to remain organized and tidy—and if there’s an odd spot where everything’s all in one place with no order, and if things are stacked in the most random order of chaos that you have ever seen, it does get irritating. 

#6. The Clingy One

No one likes to cross personal boundaries in a workplace and it really isn’t recommended. However, this doesn’t sit well with the clingy ones. They ask you the most bizarre and private questions that one can think of, and they make it seem like it’s a natural thing. Creeping up on your personal space is one thing, but making it seem normal is where it gets too much to handle. 

#7. The Suck-Up

Remember that kid in class who always said yes to the teacher? This is a grown-up revamp of the same thing. The suck-up says yes to everything the boss says, nods at his every word and is always at their disposal—however, when responsibility comes forth, they’re nowhere to be seen. What’s the point then? This is where the turn gets quite annoying. 

#8. The Multi-tasker

No one likes being told what to do in a condescending manner. However, the multi-tasker basks in the glory of a self-proclaimed role they have taken upon themselves. They’ll tell you if you’ve dressed wrong, they’ll tell you if you could have done better in a particular assignment, they’ll even keep tabs on you—and no, they are not your boss. They’re random and they have no business telling you things, yet, they do. One of the most annoying workplace habits, isn't it?

#9. The Meanie

It’s not that you have to love your colleagues and be friendly to them all the time, it’s about maintaining some level of formal communication with them. If you don’t like them, don’t be mean. However, the meanie sees things differently. They’re mean. The worst thing is laughing about it, and not even realizing that the people around them are uncomfortable. Meanness isn’t tolerated everywhere, and it shouldn’t be.

#10. The Procrastinator

There’s always that one person who says no to everything you ask them to do. They say no, or put it off till the last minute and you’d have to pick their pace up, and walk late into meetings and leave early. They manage things by their own time and barely get anything done. Especially when the procrastinator is in your team, you get to bear the effects of this infuriating workplace habit! 

To brave yourself through this storm, it’s always best to keep your head held high and mind strong. You’re bigger than all this, and even if there’s someone annoying you with a trait of theirs, do not let it get to you. Therefore, get your work done and be your strong and happy self.

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