10 workplace resolutions that can accelerate your career growth this New Year

21 Oct 2022

It's time of the year again when scores of people make ambitious resolutions for the upcoming year. It may range from efforts to eat healthy, quit smoking, and invest better and so on.

Research indicates that over 40 percent of people are likely to make brand new resolutions at the end of every year. However, only less 10% stick to them for more than a few months. The reason why people fail to hold on to these tricky resolutions is that they may make too many or set unrealistic goals to follow.

Nevertheless, with New Year’s Eve just lurking around the corner, we choose to give you some simple workplace resolutions to start 2020 afresh.

#1. Stay away from office gossip

A lot of employees may feel this is easier said than done. However, differentiating between harmless small talk and deceitful gossip and staying from the latter is crucial for employees. Especially for those who want to maintain and nurture meaningful relationships at the workplace.

Several research studies have reiterated how office gossip is not all that bad. However, it is always better to draw one’s boundaries on spreading malice about colleagues/bosses at the workplace.

#2. Do not compare yourself to coworkers

While it is acceptable for an employee to evaluate his/her performance based on previous performances (temporal comparisons), it is surely advised to keep away social comparison evaluations.

These comparisons take other colleagues to work as the reference point to judge an employee’s work progress or achievements. Often the barometers for this kind of comparison do not consider individual identities or unique skill sets. As a result, they can be less accurate and stressful.

#3. Neither hold grudges nor burn bridges

Irrespective of the industry you work in, it is never recommended for employees to hold long-standing grudges against fellow workers.

Even after an employee puts in his/her papers, many employers expect them to make a graceful exit without burning any bridges.

This ensures maintaining healthy professional relationships with your ex-colleagues long after you have quit working. Moreover, such relationships go a long way in attaining credible job recommendations for one’s future.

#4. Minimize work commute to ensure better productivity

Though this seems like an unrealistic resolution to make, it can work wonders for those employees who can afford to do it.

According to estimates by MoveInSync, an office commute automation platform, office travel time in Bangalore increased by 6% in 2017. Unlike exhaustive commutes at odd hours, shorter travel periods can conserve your energy and enthusiasm for complex and creative tasks at work.

#5. Learn a new skill

This may range from attaining a coveted certification or nano degree to acquiring a new hobby.

While the former helps an employee to accelerate his career growth in a particular industry through quick promotions and pay hikes, the latter aids better work-life balance.

So, in case you have postponed signing up on Coursera class or enrolling to take guitar lessons, now is a good time to start!

#6. Clear your work mailbox

As you walk into the New Year, it is time to de-clutter! Go clean your file cabinet full of redundant work folders or simply sort your inbox. Create new calendar pages and mark upcoming plans in 2020.

Walking into a brand new year with less baggage is always a good idea. Furthermore, it is not even a difficult task to achieve.

#7. Eat healthy at your workplace

Like it or not, most full-time employees have to spend more than 60 percent of their daytime at work. As a result, it is important for people to eat healthy at work.

Cutting down on excessive snacks and caffeine can surely be the first step in the right direction.

Likewise, even small steps like packing a healthy lunch, stretching between breaks, doing basic eye relaxing exercises can all help a great deal in staying focused at work.

#8. Phones away, please!

Frequently buzzing mobile phones can be embarrassing at workplaces, especially during important meetings.

Similarly, recurrent notifications from various social media platforms and apps can hamper with an employee’s undivided attention.

Try keeping away from your mobile phone at work. Break the rule only for exemptions like urgent calls or personal emergencies.

#9. Read a relevant blog/book specific to your industry

With new innovations and skills invading and transforming job sectors every day, it is important for employees to stay abreast of the latest workplace developments.

Begin by picking up an uplifting book or reading the blog of your favorite workplace mentor/coach. This can slowly be cultivated into a regular habit that gives you a better edge over other colleagues.

#10. New Year, new work-life balance

Last but not least, striking the right work-life balance is a growing concern among many millennials. This generation of go-getters wants to have flourishing careers along with everything else they important in life. Be it nurturing a hobby, traveling or even dedicating time for family.

In ensuring you have a super productive 2020, do not slog or overwork. Designate considerable time for off-work activities. These hobbies or community experiences take off the stress and in the process ensure improved work-life balance.

Here’s to new beginnings again, see you on the better side!

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