4 ways you can deal with an unpredictable boss

21 Oct 2022

Figuring out your boss's behavior can be a tough task. Especially if you are dealing with an unpredictable boss, then this situation gets worse. There will be times when they are very friendly and likable, and in a moment, they can insult you in front of all your colleagues. This dual behavior can leave anyone baffled. So how does one address a situation like this?

It is not because of you!

Whenever you deal with a person who is on an emotional roller coaster, one should never blame themselves. And even if your boss is blasting at you for no good reason, remember to not take it to heart. You must be aware that these mood fluctuations might be caused by totally different factors than you being an annoying person.
Therefore, it can be something you said or have done that has triggered your boss to react in that particular manner. In this case, try looking beyond the situation and understand what has triggered the reaction.  Rather than just branding that your boss is an idiot, stay calm and figure things out. Comprehend the said situation and try handling it in a different way. Pay attention to what they are saying and what they want you to do. Do not focus on how they are saying it.

Observe your boss

Now that you have comprehended the situation, you need to observe your boss’s behavior. You need to watch out when your boss’s behavior is unpredictable. Look out for a pattern. When does your bosses mood get upset, is it in the morning or just after lunch or it is an outburst after a stressful situation or meeting. Therefore, seek out for a pattern that will help you to strategies for handling such a situation in a better way.

Timing is important

Once you have understood the pattern of your bosses behavior, now you can use to your benefit. For instance, your boss is stressed just before a deadline. Therefore, it is not a good time to ask for leave but it is the best time when you ask him/her if you can assist him/her.  A helping hand will help your boss to reduce stress and s/he will feel supported by the team.

Calmness is the key

There will situations when your boss is just bursting at you without any reason. Here, it is important that you don’t answer back right away, this will only worsen the situation and might provoke your boss. As the situation is already heated up, you don’t want to say something that you will regret later. Therefore the best possible thing to do is to walk out of the room. Go out for a walk and collect your thought and have a one-on-one conversation with your boss. Taking on your boss publicly will aggravate your bosses temper. Therefore, one-on-one conversation after your bosses mood is normal will make the matter better

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