7 tips that will help you get settled at your new job

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28 Oct 2022

Landed a new job at your dream company? Well, congratulations! It sure marks a fresh start with novel challenges and goals to be accomplished with a new team. It also means adjusting to new company culture, setting different routines and achieving measurable targets at the workplace.

Sometimes, settling at a new job often takes more time than imagined. Especially so, if an employee is an introverted personality.

The first few weeks at a new workplace are usually characterised by getting to know colleagues, handling formal paperwork, reading handbooks, style guides, etc. Here are a few tips that will help employees find their feet at a new job:

#1. Do not resist change

Coping with change can be tough. Whether it involves moving into a new city or changing jobs. However, change is the only constant for it offers opportunities for significant growth.

Employees need to first understand how imperative the new job is for their career progression. This kind of evaluation helps them to stay positive at the new workplace. Even if things are not going as planned, try to be an enthusiastic learner, to begin with.

#2. Familiarise yourself with the new job

Having a confident, pragmatic attitude for the initial few weeks can go a long way in getting to know the new job roles better. Be patient and attempt to soak in as many details as possible about the new company’s working culture.

It can involve gathering information regarding job hierarchies, organisational values, key decision makers, employee engagement etc. These insights can then enable a more nuanced understanding of your job roles. It can also help you align your new goals with the basic tenets of the company.

#3. Make an effort to build workplace relationships

Healthy relationships at the workplace are key to boosting productivity and ensuring the improved psychological well-being of employees. A Gallup study showed how employees with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be productive.

So, make a genuine effort to connect with your new colleagues. Start with your own team. If need be, ask the HR team to send an introductory mail signaling other employees of a new-joinee. This serves an ice-breaker and helps you to be comfortable around employees from other departments and teams as well.

You can then build upon it with simple gestures such as exchanging amiable smiles, greetings, etc. These steps can help immensely in paving the way towards having comfortable conversations with co-workers.

#4. Observe and listen more

Many experts believe adopting a ‘fly-on-wall’ attitude helps employees to get a better insight into how things work at the new workplace. Try to silently observe details such as how employees prefer to communicate with each other during meetings, where and what time they eat their lunch, how many coffee breaks is considered acceptable etc.

Listen carefully during work-related handovers (if there is one) or orientations and make note of important pointers. Clarify doubts if any. Even if it is with regard to plain doubts like when is the salary expected to be credited every month.

#5. Be punctual and dress in a presentable manner

Nobody likes to work with a co-worker who comes perpetually late to work. Therefore, plan your commute (with a buffer included) to ensure you reach your workplace on time.

For the first few weeks, try to reach slightly earlier than the stipulated punch-in time. Dress formally for it may earn you some brownie-points in being considered approachable. Moreover, these bankable old-school habits are always great to market yourself as a thorough professional.

#6. Identify a mentor who can guide you

It is advisable for new employees to recognise experienced and trusted mentors who can guide them regularly. Selecting a workplace advisor involves evaluating different parameters for different workers as per their personalities.

The bottom line purpose, however, should be in choosing a leader who is both affable and approachable. They should also be equipped with significant industry knowledge and an ability to foresee job-related risks and rewards.

#7. Be yourself

Employers usually analyze how a potential employee’s personalities match with the job roles before they hire them. Hence, it is not recommended that new joiner alters his/her personality in pretending to fit in better.

Be polite in accepting things you have no prior knowledge about. This shows that you are humble and happy to learn on the go. Moreover, do not be afraid of trying new things. Just make sure you know enough about the company before making new suggestions.

Finally, keep calm and believe that settling at a new job is no easy task. Allow yourself considerable time before you start feeling comfortable. Adapt accordingly, maker newer connections and jump in right by establishing quantifiable goals to be achieved during your tenure.

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