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21 Oct 2022

Back-end developers are developers who primarily work on the insides of web applications in order to build the ‘server-side’ or web applications. The server side of websites and applications deal with code and language that make function behind the screen or back-end. The client side is the front end, which involves user experience and appearance.

Back-end developers work with front-end developers by giving them the details and elements that are necessary for the server side. Basically, back-end developers make the logic in order to have the website or application function the way it should. They do this by using server-side languages such as Ruby or PHP.

Apart from creating websites or applications that function, back-end developers also are accountable for the optimization of the website or application in terms of their speed and efficiency. They also make a solution for data storage by providing a database, which happens to be one of the cerebral constituents for all websites and applications. This is because of the database stores information—the users’, comments and likes, posts and the like.

Some common databases are MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

So, who works with the back-end developer?

These developers basically work in groups or in a team. A team can consist of both front end and back-end developers and can be assisted by engineers and UI and UX designers. However, on the back-end team, these developers work with software engineers with specific roles that focus on API development or Quality Assurance.

The back-end development itself has several roles to play and would require several skills needed in order to meet all requirements needed to make the service side run smoothly.

Skills Required

The back-end developers primarily focus on the inner functionalities of websites and applications. This inner functionality is built on the server-side. The server side is the code and language that functions behind the screen or the ‘back-end’ of a website or application.

 Core skills and tech for a back-end developer 

  • An understanding of front-end techs like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is to work with the front-end team as well. 
  • Knowledge of database administration and scaling applications in order to handle load changes 
  • Knowledge of version control such as Git. 
  • Back-end developers also have an understanding of database creation, integration, and management. For example: MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. 
  • Operating systems such as Linux, Unix-like operating systems, MacOS X, Windows 
  • API integration  
  • CMS development, and maintenance 
  • Web server techs such as J2EE, Apache, Nginx, and IIS
    Back-end developers basically have formal training from computer science degrees. They may have to do more abstraction when compared to front-end developers. Abstraction is representing important features by not including the explanations or background details. This reduces complications and increases efficiency in design and implements complicated software.
Back-end developers can also data mine, write abstract algorithms—which is why a computer science degree is required.

However, there are courses online that can help one prepare to become a back-end developer as well. Udacity,, Udemy have course options.

Salary and Responsibilities

With respect to salary, there are some companies which do not differentiate between a Front End and Backend developer, and there are some who differentiate it by having different titles like Web-designer or Web-developer.

Back-end developers play a critical role with regard to websites and applications development and are primarily responsible for handling data storage and ensuring that the content gets delivered to front-end. Without the back-end developers, it becomes hard to not notice the essential yet subtle details that often get lost in the presentation of a website and application.

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