Best practices for leaving early today

21 Oct 2022

Leaving early is a craft. Practices for leaving early need time to be honed—one must observe the possibilities and learn their surroundings’ timings and mannerisms before executing the plan of action. Everyone wants to leave early and what stops us is not the boss but sometimes, ourselves.  

We look around and wait to see that one person start to pack—we’ve already finished our packing, we’re just waiting for them to start so that we can make a move for it. However, what are some ways you can leave and maneuver your way out without grabbing attention? What if we don’t have to sit through the anxiety of staring at the clock when it’s close to leaving time but just not yet leaving time?  

What if we can leave without waiting for that slow, good for nothing punctual bloke who really has nothing else to do but stay in the office till it’s time to leave? Well, here are some hacks for you for a better work-life balance, too. Best practices for leaving early today. Hone your skills and learn from the best.

First and foremost, fake a believable story

We’ve all heard the usual ‘I’m feeling sick’ so many times that we break into a fit of laughter when we’re saying it. No one’s going to buy that from us, and it’s a mere formality if you’re allowed to leave. Make sure that the story you forge now is by the gods! Tell no one about it, and make it believable and inevitable. Say something along the lines of, ‘I’m having an allergic reaction’. Can’t be avoided and is quite serious too.  

Slip away when no one’s watching

Yeah, you really don’t need to give anyone any details here. There’s always that dull moment at work when everyone is actually working or trying not to doze off. Use this chance to slip away undetected, no one’s going to know you left and they won’t bother too when the time comes closer for them to leave. Make sure no one’s watching and for extra benefit, leave behind your coat to give them a feel you’re still there. 

Observe the others

Are there any others who are leaving around your time on that day? Is there a working mother who leaves early every Friday to pick her child up from after-school practice? Is there someone you need to be aware of so that it doesn’t hamper your plan of leaving early? Observe and take notes if you have to (bonus points to make others think you’re actually busy). Leave when the cue is clear, leave undetected when there are no other hindrances in your way. 

“Work” after you’ve left

Maybe, if you schedule a mail that’s sent after you’ve actually left, it’ll give an impression to people that you’re still working. It’s not necessary that you have to work after you’ve left. Which is why the inverted commas were used. So you can make do with some backend preparation. Not only is this going to give others a good impression of you working after a time, but you can use this as leverage to leave early tomorrow too!

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