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21 Oct 2022

he initial stages of this journey and the thoughts that run in the mind of a newly graduated student in the transition period from a student to an employee are articulated.

Life is a roller coaster ride which starts smooth and passes through numerous hurdles on its journey. And, so far everything was planned for me. First, primary school, high school and then college. My ultimate goal then was to pass the next exam that would come along my way. My decisions limited. As I could recall selecting the TV for our home I think was my biggest one.

As the time flew by, here I am at a stage, where the lesser I think about my future, is what I would become. Apparently, everyone of my age is under a huge mountain of pressure and consistent fear of being a responsible adult.

Taking up new responsibilities despite knowing that they would involve risks is a step towards being an adult. Being an adult is definitely not a cakewalk. It comes in its own grandeur. The courage to take up new risks and standing-tall in all kinds of hardships is where we start our adulthood.

What next?

Immediately, these thoughts creep into my head — Where and how should I search for new a job? If yes, should I work related to what I studied? or should I work in an MNC which pays me well but not related to what I studied? Should I pursue my passion which doesn’t pay me well? Should I opt for further studies? If yes, then come another set of doubts related to it.

A new start to life

So far so good. Say, if I’ve got a job in a well-reputed company, the challenges that I will have to face and to which that I have to be prepared to are is a long list of to-dos.

  • To be a part of a company where my contribution directly affects its functioning, unlike in a college where we could do anything we wish
  • The fear of sticking to a strict routine breaking which will result in losing the job
  • To be like a professional and to be an adult with responsibilities
  • Ready to risks which will solely reflect our courage.
  • Whether I receive the right guidance or not
  • Whether I can learn quick or not, the fear of being left behind
  • Students are generally stereotyped for knowing nothing about work culture, the fear of being a victim to stereotypes
  • To be flexible to all the changes happening in the world
Adhering to a new life — a professional life from a carefree student life is a huge step that I’ll have to take. There’s no looking back from here onwards but only infinite forwards that are waiting for me. Life offers many opportunities to which we have to stay open-eyed and make maximum use of it.

There will be times when I’ll have to accept some things to achieve my goals and sometimes I’ll have to rebel against the systems to achieve what I want.


A few things that I’ll have to accept once I enter the professional life which will help me survive in the competitive world are:

  • I will have to maintain an image of myself, professionally.
  • I will be ready to work irrespective of my change in locations.
  • The differences around me and to live with it.
  • The fact that there will be employees like me or better than me.

There will be several perks pertaining to work life as compared to that of student life. There will be exposed to different kinds of people which will be a learning for life.

Then comes the best part, the perk of your own hard earned money — the salary. Yes, something I’ve always dreamed of since childhood. To have my own earned money. Well, maintaining it might be a hard work in the beginning but I will learn it eventually, I’m sure.

Another major asset we earn is that which, even money cannot replace — respect. Respect from others and also me to myself is a priceless yield. The very thought of having my own identity is worth everything I go through. Then comes along — Independence, to feel like a bird that has just spread its wings. Freedom.

Just like every coin having two sides, everything in our lives has pros and cons. Taking up the pros and learning from the cons will make every moment in life a better reason to live happily.

With a little knowledge and guidance from peers who are already in the field will help us choose right and lead right. So……

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