Common misconceptions about UX designers

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28 Oct 2022

UX design is a growing industry today. With an increase in tech-products, user-experience is key in delivering the product and ensuring that it sells. Moreover, the job role for a UX designer is not well-defined. It may come across as creating a design for a website or the like, but UX design involves pushing the product itself to the market and beyond. A common misconception about UX designer is the name of the job itself. UX design is much more than just ‘design’ or ‘user experience’.  

Often, the title is underestimated that had led to several misconceptions about UX designersUX designer focuses not just on the usersThis is one of the most basic misconceptions that have risen for the title of UX design. The name itself has ‘user’ in it, therefore, that’s what it concerns, right? Wrong. User experience involves various points. Therefore, while building a product that has functions on a digital scale, and focusing on the user is just one criterion.  

One of the most important aspects would be of business. In order for a product to become a success in the market, business is just as important to ensure it happens. Another important aspect to UX design is adherence to technology; it is technology that defines the heights to which a product can develop.  

A good UX designer should have great business skills and a basic understanding of the mechanisms of technology. 

UX designer focuses not just on experience

Focusing on user experience is one of the most vital roles that a UX designer will need to focus on. Considering how the product is the basic start to an entire process, the UX designer will need to take note of how to push this product toward users. Experience is not just when the user experiences it. Therefore, the user experience is everything, starting from when the product is designed to when it is delivered to the user. 

The UX designer must have an inkling of who will be attracted to the product, how to lure more users in and an understanding that is built from observing user’s reviews and actions. 

UX designer focuses not just on design

It is not the UX designer’s job to come up with the concluded version of the interface. They may be a designer, however; this is a completely different platform. UX designers focus more on the many tools and techniques that do not apply to design. Rather, they will gather information required for the users, market research, planning, and experimenting. For instance, research and strategy go hand in hand, and there are several things that can go wrong when a product is pushed to market. 

Developing the product, focusing on delivering its features without understanding how it works or prior testing can lead to failure. A UX designer handles all these things. 

UX design is understanding to strike the right balance between user experience, how to make profits, and how comfortable you are with technology. It is the art of learning and incorporating what you have learned to make the right decisions.

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