General Format for Writing a Resignation Letter

21 Oct 2022

As the title suggests, resignation letters have been around for as long as jobs have been around. In order to understand how to write a proper resignation letter, it is essential that we first understand the role of a resignation letter and what purpose it serves. 

A resignation letter is a letter written to the human resources of your company, to your managers, your colleagues, to announce that you intend on leaving your current job. It is important that this letter is sent well in advance, and not right as you are leaving. You will have to keep in mind the notice period of your company. 

If you decide to resign from your current job, it is essential that you do it in a formal and more professional manner. 

There are a few key pointers that need to be mentioned in the resignation letter, which includes:

Providing notice: 

It is mandatory that you provide and serve your notice period before resigning. Always mention the correct duration of the notice that you are going to serve.

Providing details about relieving date: 

Always include the date of when you are planning on resigning. Also include details like your last working day, other requested details that your manager might ask from you. 

Show gratitude: 

Thank your employer. You might always have something that you have learned in the workplace. Mention and show them gratitude for your stay there. 

Offer to help them with the transition: 

If you are planning on resigning suddenly, then it might be difficult for your employer to instantly find a replacement. Offer to help them during this transitionary phase. 

Don’t complain: 

Resignation letters are never a place to complain or show disdain about the current workplace. Always ensure that your letter is professional and does not contain any negative remarks about the workplace, or your colleagues. 

Here is a sample resignation letter. 





[manager] or [HR]

Dear sir/ma’am,

I would like to notify you that I am resigning from my position as [position] for [workplace] effective [date].

Thank you very much for the opportunity you’ve given me to learn all about [write a bit about what you have learned working there]. I have genuinely enjoyed my time with the company, and I believe the experience has taught me much about the furniture industry as well as how to effectively manage employees.


Handwritten Signature (hard copy letter)


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