Here are 5 work sectors which ensure a better work-life balance

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15 Nov 2022

Millennials are, perhaps, the hardest working generation of people there ever has been. And this is perhaps why they also keep looking forward to having a life outside of work and build a good work life at the organizations where they work. It is no wonder that they look for areas with better work-life balance and there are opportunities available indeed.

A look at market surveys would reveal that a majority of workers are unhappy with their work-life balance, which is because most people these days spend over 10-12 hours at work, on an average, leaving little or no time to attend to their personal lives. If we look at the creative industry, be it media, arts, entertainment, or marketing, the hours are stretched even further to meet the demands of the job.

In today’s time, it has become even more important to balance business with pleasure, to avoid burning out at a young age and to steer clear of health issues sprouting from stress and pressure from work. There are some industries and sectors, that provide employees a better work-life balance as compared to other industries and sectors.

Whatever work-life balance means to every individual, it’s important to understand what options and opportunities are available to you as an employee, as well as the industries that can help you strike the right balance between your home and working life.

For millennials, money is not everything. They look at their life in a different way. Millennials prefer to have other perks like the flexibility of work when it comes to the time and place, et al. There are some sectors, which have jobs that offer a better work-life balance than other sectors and jobs.

Here are 5 jobs that provide a better work-life balance than others:

Web Developer:

Digital is the way to go, and it has been for a while now. And this is why web developers are in huge demand. To have the knowledge of graphic design and to have an artistic eye to foresee what a website would look like is a big skill to possess in today’s time, with companies paying huge amounts of money for. Web developers also need to know some computer languages and basic coding and math.

While many web developers are employed at various organizations, there are many who work on a freelance basis. As a job that pays good money and comes with little stress, this job provides a better work-life balance and is one of the most sought-after sectors across the globe.

Youtube/Blogs/Social Media Enthusiasts:

With the proliferation of online content, social media platforms like Youtube, WordPress, Instagram etc. have provided a great opportunity to explore hobbies as well as monetize them. They are no longer passive mediums and encourage creativity. It is no wonder that millennials are taking these opportunities to shine with their talents and go above and beyond to be successful.

Translators/Foreign Language Communicators:

Now, this may sound like an easy job, but it requires a lot of precision and discipline since translators are mostly deputed to national dignitaries and government service agents. Interpreters need to have strong listening and speaking skills, while translators need writing talent and advanced reading comprehension as well. Most of these professionals are self-employed, which is why they have control over their work hours and locations and only need to be at work when they have clients in hand. Others who work in schools, hospitals, courtrooms, or private agencies also get more free time on hand as compared to other professionals. They can spend this time with their families and utilize it for leisure activities.

Fitness Workers/Experts:

Working out makes a lot of people happy. It gets even better if you make a profession out of it. If working out is what you love to do, and helping people do it is what gives you immense joy, you have the best career choice that you could possibly imagine. Not only do people pay good money to remain healthy and in good shape, you also nearly become your own boss.

You have a range of career options in the fitness sector—you can consider becoming a lifeguard who ensures guests enjoy swimming pools safely; instructors who teach people how to ski or snowboard; gym employees who lead classes in yoga, aerobics, Pilates, kickboxing, cycling and other exercise routines; wilderness guides who lead trips via kayaking, horseback riding and hiking; or become a ranger who maintains and helps people navigate parks; and trainers who provide personal fitness coaching.


Be a beauty blogger! Become a hairstylist. Run your own nail spa. People are obsessed with their looks and beauty. There are so many people in the world who think they are not dressed enough if they don’t have a fresh coat of nail paint on their hands and toes. While they could decorate their nails themselves, not everyone is an expert when it comes to getting those fine designs on one’s nails. And this is when a nail expert comes into the picture.

Beauty experts clean, trim and polish customers’ fingernails and toenails, while also giving them a variety of haircuts to enhance their features and make them look beautiful. They have to be great at giving friendly customer service, since their relationships with the people they serve affect the tips they take home. They also must be sticklers for cleanliness in order to operate their businesses hygienically.

Beauty experts and nail technicians need to keep abreast of the latest beauty trends. That means paying attention to the changing popularity of various colors and designs, looking at the biggest trends for the new year, following celebrity fashion and beauty on a regular basis. Unlike other fields, the work that beauty expert has led to tangible, immediate results, which is why they must be careful.

Having said that, they enjoy a great work-life balance and are their own bosses! What’s more, the pay is more than decent!

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