How to cope when others are better in their career?

21 Oct 2022

We often compare ourselves with others around us. The comparison might be something trivial or very important. Some might compare their cars, some compare their dresses, some compare their phones, and some compare their salaries, and so on. But, our mind doesn’t stop with comparing these material things alone.

A comparison of careers is also what we often do.

Is there anything wrong with this?

Absolutely not.

Because without comparison, there will be no progress in our lives. Only through comparison can we find out where there is room for improvement in ourselves. In such cases, comparison gives room for improvement and shows the path. But, most often this may not be the case. We compare ourselves with others on unsatisfactory terms and bring up an ‘I am not doing enough’ attitude to the surface, which disturbs our mental peace. It is important to know where to draw the line when it comes to comparing ourselves with others before it gets overwhelming.

We must remind ourselves that constantly comparing ourselves with others will eventually lead us to develop an inferiority complex. Such thoughts will take us on a downward spiral, taking a toll on our mental and physical health as well. It is important to note that each of us is capable of doing different things. While the action may be the same, the activity is different for everyone. 

That is how we establish our individuality and that is how we are valued by others. And eventually, our careers are also defined by it. So, if we feel that someone is actually doing better than us, it gives us an opportunity to step back and assess ourselves.

Relax and assess:

Just by thinking that others are doing much better than us will not help us to improve. Instead, it is better to think of where we are now and how much we have achieved by getting here. It is important to focus on the small steps that we have taken to reach the heights we have reached now. Our future planning depends on the assessment of our present.

Talk to your friends:

Instead of going through negative emotions over the career graph of others, it is better to talk to them or talk to your friends to learn positive things from their growth. There is nothing wrong with asking for someone's secret of success. 

There is a good chance that the career growth of others might be different than what you expected. Some of your friends might even be eager to help you out with your situation or look for a mutual benefit by helping you. So, keep a lookout for an opportunity lurking behind the corner!

Keep practicing:

Growth is never going to be easy if we are going to be criticizing ourselves 24X7. We also need to have a breathing space to do a positive analysis of ourselves before reacting to everything that happens outside. 

We need to assure ourselves that we are capable of doing things that are within our limitations and try to find the factors that are blocking the path of our progress. Focusing on short-term goals and using them as steppingstones for long term goals is a way to slowly but surely keep up the pace with career growth that we are aiming towards.


It is quite natural to brood when we have failed to achieve a goal. It is good to remember though that success and failures are always going to be a part of our journey. To ensure a level-headed approach towards our success and failures might be difficult but not impossible. Patting ourselves on the back and focusing positively makes us more resilient with each hurdle.

Be updated:

Let’s face it. Being updated is one of the important aspects that will define our careers. Shifting jobs will happen, which may be frequent for some people and less frequent for some others. But what’s more important is that we keep ahead in our domains and update ourselves so that we stay relevant to the changes happening around us. Not being updated can often put us in danger of becoming stagnated and phased out.

So, remember to put your chin high up even when times are tough because they are only temporary. Good luck with your career growth from MHFA India!

Author: Dr. Thirumaal. A.

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