How to deal with an introverted manager

21 Oct 2022

Managers vary according to different workplaces and regions. While some managers can be controlling, intending to monitor your every move in the workplace, micromanaging the living breath out of you, managers that are absolutely improbable with their managerial skills and demands, what needs to be understood here is vital.

They are people with varying personalities. What one fails to make note of in a workplace is the sheer amount of time that you spend with your colleagues or managers. You spend more than 8 hours a day with these people, so being nonchalant here won’t do. You need to adapt, respect and learn about their personalities so that you can grow within such an environment as well.

This need to adapt becomes so essential that one can even consider it a part of the job.

If your manager is an introvert, the first step of action here is to accept this as an unchangeable factor in your work-life. Now, you are ready to tackle this as a situation.

Don’t Ostracize

Just because they are introverts doesn’t mean they cannot communicate or deliver the required tasks. It is a myth that introverts are believed to be quiet people. They are not merely just quiet, they are much more than what the stereotypes tend to insinuate.

Stay Task-Oriented

You don’t have to make small talk with everyone you work with. Try and stay task-focused with your introvert manager, perhaps that is what they prefer as well. Always give them the space to make the first move for communication other than tasks.

Personal Space

Always ensure that you give your manager their required personal space. Introverts tend to get mentally tired when they socialize too much, which can be rejuvenated through some personal time that they take for themselves. Don’t be on their face for things that don’t need to be spoken about.

Silence is perhaps golden

Just because your manager isn’t saying much to you doesn’t reflect on their personality or opinion of you. Their quietness is entirely them, and has nothing to do with you!

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