How to Ease Through the Final Round in an Interview

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21 Oct 2022

Interviews are nerve-wracking. They demand so much skill all in one hour, it can possibly fry our brain cells if we aren’t prepared enough. There are some days we do ace through these interviews and get to the final round. And when we do? We’re on top of the world—albeit, not entirely.

Beating the final round of the interview requires a mix of two things. A calm mind and a focused one. While this sounds complicated, it is possible to train yourself to relax during the final round in hopes of landing the job for yourself.

So what does a final round of an interview entail? You’ve gotten so close to tasting the fruit, so how do you manage to get it in the bag? If you have come to the final round, it goes on to prove that you have the required skills. And they’re probably using this final on-site interview to either check if you fit with the team or compare you to another qualified finalist.

Here are some ways with which you can ensure you bag the job for yourself.

Don’t overdo with the self-talk

Sometimes, even if you are in the final round of your interview, the interviewer might not be too certain of your skills. Despite the fact that you’ve cleared the previous rounds of the interview, this is your one-on-one chance to do it face to face. This is what sticks. So, it’s time to show off a bit. They need to know what skills you have. By communicating this to them, you’re assuring them that you are indeed the right fit for the company.

It is seen that interviewers prefer candidates who are a bit confident. This is not because they brag about themselves, but merely because they are sure of themselves. You can’t assume that the interviewer will know only the good things about you. You’ll have to make it clear to them.

Be modest

By modest we don’t mean tell them all that there is to know about you. Don’t be arrogant. Be aware of your own weaknesses and don’t spend time sugarcoating anything. Acknowledge where you need to work on and what you need to work on. Let the interviewer know you’ve taken the appropriate and necessary steps in correcting or improving your weaknesses, whatever they may be.

Highlighting your weaknesses is essential. Because, it makes the interviewer understand you are willing to get better and are being practical about improving the state of your skills.

Ask, ask, ask away!

Yes, interviews mean you are asked questions about yourself and your professional details. However, this doesn’t restrict you to ask your own questions to them about the workplace and your work as well. You don’t have to just sit there nodding at everything they tell you either.

To show that you’re interested in the position, you can ask some questions, and sound enthusiastic about the place you may work for.

All you have to do is think of yourself as part of the team and ask! You can start by asking them more about the company. You can also ask about whatever information you will need to get a holistic idea of your work there.

Turn the spotlight

Interviewers are sometimes thrown off guard when someone asks them about the company. This doesn’t mean a bad thing, in fact, it might be good. They might ramble on and on about the company because no one’s ever asked before, and are quite impressed that you have. They’re using this as their chance to convince you to take the job if they decide to offer it to you.

However, things aren’t the same for you. Because, this is your last chance to prove to the interviewer you’re a good candidate for the job. Let them speak and tell you more about the workplace, but don’t forget to pitch in and give them more reasons to select you.

Just, chill!

Interviewing is no easy task at all. We’re serious most of the time because our lives are at stake, and that means no joking around. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to be uptight and have no fun. If you do get through, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with the people that interviewed you. It’s your job to let them know you’re a fun person and you’re easy to get along with. You can only do that by relaxing a bit.

People tend to shut down the socializing part during interviews in fear of not wanting to mess it up. However, if there ever comes an opportunity for you to laugh, then go ahead and laugh! It helps build a connection with your interviewer, and maybe it’ll look good for you too!

Be professional too

It’s all good to relax when you can in an interview, sure. But, never forget or lose sight of what you really need to do. You’ll have to get down to business eventually. You can throw in some jokes here and there about some things. But, always remember that there are parts of the job that you can’t possibly joke about.

You will need to present yourself in an amicable manner that ensures your interviewers get the best possible picture of you. And the only way to do this is by using a professional voice.

We’re sure that if you stay true to yourself and present yourself amicably, things will definitely go well. Confidence, street-smartness and some wit will do wonders! All the best!

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