How to make work better?

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15 Nov 2022


Love it or hate it, but we cannot ignore it. Our work defines who we are more than any other identity we acquire throughout our lives. Work gives us self-respect and is the reason to look forward to something bigger than the trivial musings of our everyday existence.

As the time goes on, the initial excitement of being an independent person will eventually fade. It becomes a monotonous process, where every day we get up, get ready and go to work without realizing what is that we are trying to achieve. We are way too busy to sit down and think about work.

We tend to drown our imperfections with hurry and chaos, hoping that the thing that is bothering us would go away without ever trying to make effort to improve on our situations.

While it is almost impossible to find the perfect job that is made for you. But it is easy to change the way we work. One step at a time to really see how transformative our work is to our self.

So then, how do we improve our circumstances to make the way we work better?

There was an article recently that said if want to make your work better go have a coffee with your colleague and other stated having a green plant on your desk would improve the way you feel about your work. Having meaningful and interesting conversations with team members would help too said another one. Every google search for the same would get you more or less the same results and tips that say almost the same thing as every other post online.

Making your work life better is not the destination where you would find a magic trick and the way you work changes overnight and you live happily ever after.

It is a hard and never-ending process (as long as you retire from working that is..). The journey to make yourself better starts on day one when you decide to make the change for yourself. Not for your company, not for your colleagues. But the desire to improve your self will have to be for you and solely for yourself. Because of the way you work defines the way you live your life.

Work has a complex relationship with us. There are good days in it and some bad days but in the end, it is mostly those bland days where you seem to be going nowhere at all. Good days make you happy, bad days make you hate the way things are going on but its the bland days that make you wonder how can you improve the way you work.

The first step in making work better is changing the way you think about work. We always think of our work as a chore. This has led to countless memes and jokes on how horrible a Monday feels or how amazing it is on a Friday evening. No matter how horrible your work is or your work environment is, at the end of the day your work is the source of your sustenance.

Respect for your work

That is the smallest thing you can do to change the way you look at work, no you do not need to get up at 4 in the morning to prove your loyalty to your work or smile at your impossible-to-work-with coworkers or sacrifice your personal and happiness to make your work better. Be proud of your work, which at this point might mean nothing to you but what you do is making somewhere someone happy, it is making someone else’s life a little bit better than it was yesterday.

From the beginning of our career, we are made to think work with a cold, closed and calculated lense. This advice is stopping us from thinking about what we feel about our work. Unless we know what we think about our job, how will we know how to improve it?

It is important to take out some time for our self to know what we know about our work.

Think deeply and openly. Realize the places where you are making mistakes or feel you are missing out on realizing your potential to make the difference at your work.

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