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15 Nov 2022

For a minute, let’s go back to our childhood. Other than the carefree days spent idling and playing around, the one most prominent memories from those days are the grandness of our dreams and aspirations of the time when we will grow up. There was a never-ending list of what you wanted to be a, on one day it was scientist another day it may be a police officer or actor or sportsman, or singer or dancer, and so on Those were the days of endless dreams.

Fast forward a decade or two. Here you are, sitting right in the front of our laptop screen and dreaming of the impossible scenarios while in reality, you are not making any efforts to fulfill those dreams

Now, let us zoom in more on an average day of your life. Come morning, there is the insane traffic that drives you crazy on your way to work. While thinking of taking a work from home job, but you are not sure how profitable that would be.

Hence you drop the idea of work from home and make in time to the office. You get inside your office login to your system, there are ten messages from your boss regarding the updates of that needs to be taken care of immediately.

You hate it when you are being commanded but, hey, who’s boss is not commanding at least he is reasonable sometimes.

The urgent update is taken care of, now it’s almost lunchtime. You go to the cafeteria with your colleagues, the dreamland of never-ending mediocre conversations. Making you wish you had someone to talk something more interesting and intellectual. Lunch is done. Now you are back on your seat looking around for some source of the reason why you are still sitting here while the world is big and has endless opportunities. 

After meddling around at work for some more time now it is time to go home. Another hour you spend in the insane traffic and you are finally back in your abode.

And tired enough to push away the thought of changing the job. With the hope to keep it for the weekend that never seems to arrive.

High flying ambitions and not enough motivation

If the above scenario is any way close to the day you usually have at the office, welcome to the club. The club of high flying ambitions and not enough motivation.

The one big difference between being an adult and a child when it comes to making grand ambitious plans is, as an adult, you know about your limitations.

A little bit more than necessary, you are cautious. Even to think about where you want to go on your career path, even if it is something you really want. Worried that you might not get that opportunity or the place will be filled with horrible colleagues, unbearable bosses or you are just scared to even speak to the other side.

And your current job does an amazing work on making you toil the best hours of the week leaving you no time to catch up on your friends who surprisingly are doing pretty good in their careers (damn your social media!).

Breaking the chains

How do you get past this monotonous life without sacrificing the only source of income that’s keeping you barely alive?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had that one place where you can communicate with like-minded professionals? how many opportunities are out there to achieve your complete potential? 

Discuss what the latest what is happening in your field to know where you stand in this age of cut-throat computation? How about just a place to read and comment on amazingly cool conversations which anyway never happen in your office since you neither have time nor energy to participate in? Oryou need a place to vent out the frustrations of your workplace that are really bothering you without letting the management know it is you who is complaining the stuff that really needs to see the light of the day?

Well then, come on, you say, there really cannot be a place that can do all of this at once? right? NOPE. There is one and looks like you haven’t found it yet.

Welcome to Hush, a platform for you my dear office goer, who is your companion for every and any update regarding the happenings around the best workplaces. Come, read, share and discuss anything which bothers or confuse you regarding the workplace.

Be a part of a quirky and happening conversations that are funny, insightful and engaging at the same time.

Not convinced yet? Download the app and check out our global wall. You will see we have just given you a sneak peak of the interesting conversations and more.

This is how you may realize the limitations of your ambitions only exist in your mind, not in the real life. Maybe now you can play this work/ career game better once as you know the rules better. Maybe then you can be the child you once were to make your work your playground.

So who’s stopping you now?

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