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21 Oct 2022

Yes, you read it right. Least successful. We often read articles talking about the morning habits of successful blokes—how they got there, what they do, what routines they followed and so on. That’s for people like them, though. What about people who have considerably lower expectations?

And what if people are just too darn happy where they are? What if they don’t want to be successful at all? Like the majority of people out there?

Let’s celebrate our ordinary, regular lives for once? After all, we are all experts of the mediocre.

First of all, there are no rules to follow, just things to avoid. Successful people tend to do things that get them there, but least successful people do just enough. It isn’t important to follow a standard routine, we’re the kind of people whose new year resolutions breakthrough in a week.

And it’s completely alright, too. Because not all of us can stick to schedules and routines as the successful blokes can. Brace your mediocrity, embrace it! There are quite a few of us, you see.

#1. Drink a little less if it’s a weeknight, and don’t go beyond peg 3

Hangovers are a pain. And unless you want to reach your office late, have a little less of those pegs, just to be safe. Having three pegs or more will render you sane enough to go to the office the next morning, not sure if it's a hangover or if you're dying. You’ll not look homeless, either and waking up in the morning will be less difficult (if it isn’t already).

#2. Promise yourself, you won’t order dinner that night

These plans fail, but that’s okay. We make plans to make sure they don’t carry out later on. It’s as natural to us as going to work (which, honestly requires more effort, doesn’t it?) Successful people will swear to come back and cook and not spend more money than necessary, but since we’re living paycheck to paycheck, why not?

#3. Press the snooze button less than three times

We cannot not press the snooze button at all. I mean, it’s there for a reason! What if the person who installed the ‘snooze’ button weren’t appreciated enough? Not to worry, that’s why we’re here. We’ll remember their grand contribution, but not too much. We don’t have to be late.

#4. Make sure you check Facebook/Instagram/Twitter when the boss isn’t looking

Who even works for 8 hours straight? Not one. Well, maybe the successful people, but since we’re not them, we can sneak in a couple of minutes with what’s happening around the world. Social media is fun and there’s no denying it. Just, peek in to see if the boss has their eye on you and maybe then it’ll be better to get by.

#5. Put on the earphones and look for music, but keep a straight face

If you keep a straight face and look for music, it’ll seem as if you’re busy doing something important. There’s really never anything that important, but seeming busy is definitely better than being busy. Hands down.

#6. Daydream about what could have happened if you actually were successful

We don’t actually need to make an effort to become successful, we can become successful by just picturing it in our heads. We can get out moments of sunshine and fame there, in our heads, skipping all the hard work. And what better time to do it than the afternoon, in the middle of work?

#7. Don’t count your breaks

Look a little busy before each break and manoeuvre your crowd. If you break with the same group, your boss might notice. However, if you manage to take breaks with different people, it’ll definitely be a little less conspicuous.

#8. Exercise

Well, you probably won’t. But it won’t hurt to think and make a schedule for it. It’s always fun, putting on paper how your life should turn out to be, carrying it out is the hard part—the part that we probably won’t concern ourselves with.

It’s not that we don’t want to be successful or become millionaires in the next five years, it’s just that it’s too much work. And being comfortable where you are, isn’t necessarily wrong. For those who don’t have big dreams, being pressured to have big dreams can pose a problem. For those who are content with the lives that they are leading, it’s alright. You don’t have to buckle up for a busy year or anything. Just sit back and enjoy the current.

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