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21 Oct 2022

It’s always human nature to want feedback—and most often, we crave for good feedback. After an interview, we die to know how it went, so we eagerly wait for them to get back to us; while the time in between is filled with anxiety and anticipation. 

However, sometimes, the interviewers send some positive signs across without knowing it, which when identified can help us know if we’ve done well or not. These are some signs your job interview went well. These signs might not be accurate all the time, and may only be valid if they’re incredibly clear cut. However, most often, remembering these signs often give us the satisfaction that we’ve put our efforts out there and the effort is being received well.  

Here are a few signs your job interview went well.

#1. “When can you start?”

This is a question that most interviewers do not throw at you. Unless if they are impressed with your performance in the interview or if they liked you. However common this may be, the fact that they are asking about when you can start or any query about your availability is always a positive sign. 

#2. “We would like you to meet the team face-to-face.

While this may not be as common as the previous question, any sign that they want to speak to you again is an immensely positive sign. This means you have successfully impressed them during the interview and with your resume and skill-set; this also means that they are considering your joining the company. And this only adds to the fact that they are willing to introduce you to the team. 

#3. “You/Your Profile seems a good fit to the role at hand.”

This is most often not during face-to-face interviews. But, during phonic interviews or if they are replying to your profile or application on LinkedIn. While this cannot be considered an interview, it’s always a positive sign if the interviewer approaches you first. This means that they have taken a look at your profile and want to know from you what you can offer to the team or company. Now, the ball is in your court and with this impression in mind, impressing them can’t be too hard.

#4. When they smile a lot

This is a good sign because this displays the interviewer's excitement over your application or interview performance. If they are impressed with you, they often take longer during the interview and are willing to hear you talk. They give you a chance to express yourself. And to speak more about what you have done in the past because they feel you are a good fit for the company. They display positive gestures like smiling and a positive body language. 

#5. When it goes on for long

As mentioned before, if the interview takes a while, with positive body language and signs, it means that they are impressed with you. They want to hear more about you and what you have done in the past. This is so as to figure out if you are a good fit for the company. Most interviewers understand in the first few minutes of an interview if they like you or not, and if they don’t, the interview definitely will not last long. If it does, then it’s most definitely a good sign.

#6. “Are you considering other opportunities elsewhere?”

If they ask about you considering other places for a job, they are definitely interested in you. This is them checking your availability because the recruiters want to hire you. If you do have another offer, they will do all that it takes to make sure you join their company instead of the other. This is always a good sign.  

However, these signs can be misleading sometimes and are not firm. The only true good sign is when they get back to you via email or call, and actually, tell you that you’ve been selected. 

However, noticing these signs can sometimes tell you if you’ve done well in the interview and if you’ve managed to impress the recruiters. 

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