Some facts about workplace productivity

21 Oct 2022

Everyone wants to be productive at work. Whether it’s aiming for that promotion or if it’s for a self-satisfying reason, productivity at work is the eden that everyone wants to reach. 

We may follow a few steps to ensure that we remain productive at work, and sometimes this can lead to either overworking and burnout, or an overconfidence and no work at all. But, without knowing some facts about workplace productivity, things can get hard. No matter what we do try, it’s important to keep in mind a few facts that can help us along the way.

These facts were taken from various studies that suggest a few workplace productivity facts and what one can do in order to achieve the best amount of productivity that matches up to their expectations. So, here are some facts about workplace productivity. 

If you want to begin working on an important project, don’t do it on a Monday.

You read it right. Studies suggest that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week.  

...No, there’s no bug in your head, it’s just Friday!

And studies suggest that Friday is the least productive day of the week. 

Want to schedule a meeting? Do it before 4.

Studies suggest that people are mentally drained by the time it’s 4 p.m. at work. This is because a person works in average for 6 hours, and 4 o’ clock exceeds past this time.  

You’ve got an important thing to discuss? Do it in the morning!

It is suggested that mornings are the most productive timing of the day. 

“I’ll do it after my holiday” isn’t just an excuse anymore!

Studies suggest that people work more and are more productive after a vacation. Good news to those who love vacations! 

…”I can’t stop thinking about my holiday!”

Isn’t a myth.Studies also suggest that productivity takes a toss before a holiday or vacation. 

“Too many breaks” isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Studies suggest that taking breaks rejuvenates the employees and makes them work harder when they are actually working. Breaks are essential in preventing burnouts

Travelling long for work kills productivity

Studies suggest that when a person spends too much time and effort travelling to work, by the time they reach they are already exhausted of some of their energy. This affects productivity in a negative way. 

Some tunes actually do help

Turns out, listening to music actually helps in increasing the pace when working. 

Too many things on your plate? Drop them!

Studies suggest that multitasking takes a huge toll on productivity and affects it negatively. It’s important to know what works and what doesn’t. Especially when it concerns productivity. So, it’s always good to know what works and what the facts are before planning anything that can help you be more productive at work. Keep this facts in mind before applying any of your plans, you’re bound to get more out of work this way!

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