Surprising facts about stress at the workplace

21 Oct 2022

Workplaces can cause more stress than one would imagine. What most people don’t understand is that stress can cause more problems than just a bad mood—stress is the primary cause of suicide among employees at workplaces, and depression and other mental illnesses. Stress at the workplace should be taken more seriously than it is. 

What most people don’t know is that stress causes a great many ailments among employees. A large majority experience stress from their workplaces, either related to their work or some office related issue. Managers need to address this issue and take into account an employee’s mental health, in order to expect better productivity. 

 However, one needs to be equipped with understanding certain facts about stress at the workplace before making these calls. Here are some surprising facts about stress in the workplace.

A lot of stress tends to impair memory and deteriorates the functioning of certain parts of your brain—thus, reducing productivity. 

There are accounts for memory loss and dementia risen out of a lot of stress. These are age-related issues, and because of stress, dementia and memory loss have started to hit the youth as well. 

Stress increases the chances of people getting strokes in their lifetimes. This is particularly high in women.

Stress can kill, and now, quite literally. Physical symptoms of stress include palpitations, sweating, and an increased heart rate. It’s never a good thing to ignore. 

A large cause for stress at the workplace is the nature of the work itself and hierarchy existing within the workplace.

Boss related issues cause stress among a large number of employees. The trauma of having a mean or difficult boss can drive an employee against a wall and against their own minds. It’s a lot on a person’s plate if they have to deal with more than just work stress, but stress-induced because of a boss as well. 

More than 70% of the population faces some or the other physical symptom of stress induced in the workplace.

Stress includes symptoms such as sweating, increased heart rate, trembling hands, acid reflux, gastric problems, and other digestive issues. 

Most people don’t even know they are living with stress unless it is addressed and made a point of. Some people are so used to living with stress that they can’t tell anything is additionally wrong. It’s inclined to their everyday life, and stress has become something that they are now accustomed to.

Other additional facts include: 

  • A large amount of the population cites money as the reason for stress. 
  • Stress is a hormonal response within a person’s body.  
  • Certain physical symptoms of stress are feeling hot, sweating, a feeling of acidity in the stomach and other digestive problems.  
  • Stress can turn your mood around and make you irritable, angry and unapproachable.  
  • You might not be able to sleep well because of stress.  
  • Stress increases social anxiety and people are more prone to panic attacks.  
  • Stress increases your chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes.  
  • Although there are several more facts to stress at the workplace, it is important to understand the significance of its importance. Stress among employees is a crucial factor to be taken into account of, and can cause impending damage to the person, and the company as well.Stress can destroy a person’s psyche, and a manager must always put the employee ahead of the company with respect to stress. 

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