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21 Oct 2022

Now, let’s look at a few tips that can help in landing a job abroad.

Firstly, try and specialize in a niche skill or a skill that’s got a high demand in said country. It always helps in focusing your time and energy into giving your best to what is in demand at a particular place, helps boost your chances of getting hired. 

Try to learn the language of the country. If it’s English, then you’re good to go, but try to pick up on some of the lingoes that are being used there beforehand. This is to avoid feeling lost or avoid the feeling of a culture shock on moving there. Learning the language is useful not just for your everyday communication, but if your company has a team here in India, you could be used as the point of contact.

Try to secure a job in the States or Europe and applying for a work permit there using the offer letter. You can submit the offer letter to the respective visa consulate. As we know, a work visa requires a job offer and employers are usually not ready to give jobs without a visa, so this is a chicken-egg scenario. 

Here are a few tips that can get you up and ready to move abroad for a job.

Pick your country

You might have an idea of a place you might want to go to, but that doesn’t mean you can actually go there. There may be other variables that you will need to consider before choosing a place. It depends on the language spoken in that region and the required skills as well. You will need to evaluate where you can utilize your skills the most. 

You will need to consider these variables before settling on a place, and it is better to do so rather than blindly choose a place just because you want to go there. Working abroad is not the same as traveling, which is why you will need to be precise. 

Aim for a foreign transfer

There are several companies that have certain initiatives to move employees abroad, and if this is the case with your company, you could check it out. These are called rotational assignments and certain big companies provide opportunities for employees to go abroad and work. 

These will be in the form of assignments that last for over two years or so, taking place at an international office. They will even help you settle down in the area, commute, and everything else that is required for a move abroad. 

Update your CV

One of the most important things you will need to move abroad for a job is an updated CV in English. When applying anywhere abroad, you will need to ensure that everything on your CV can be understood by a foreign recruiter. It is not just the language, but any sort of lingo that can confuse foreign recruiters. 

You will need to be careful regarding the words you use and the first impression that you make. CVs are basically a mirror into the kind of skills you possess, and what you can offer them. And they can only appreciate what you can offer if they understand it completely. 

You must make a plan

While applying for jobs abroad, you will need to make a clear-cut plan that can help you move forward eventually. This step is crucial because finding a job abroad is not too easy, and can be a frustrating experience if you are ill-prepared. 

For this, you will need to sit and think about the kind of companies that you want to apply to and the kind of companies that will hire you. You should also think of different tactics that can help you track down these leads. Take into account company culture, and whether you want to work in a start-up or an international (global) firm. Part of your strategy will require you to change the way you use the job-searching tools. 

You have to change the way you network among people, with members of various organizations—you will need to build your contacts among alumni, ex-managers and supervisors, coworkers, friends and more. You will also need to consider sending emails to companies directly regarding opportunities and if they will provide a visa for your transfer if you were to be selected. Search for openings not just on job sites, but also on company websites that will broadcast openings. 

Additionally, you could also check out international job fairs that occasionally happen either online or in your city. You must keep an extra-ear out for opportunities abroad.

Prepare for the interview

Global job interviews are a tad bit different than regular job interviews. They mostly take place via email or other electronic communication media or the telephone. You not only need to master giving interviews in this medium, but also prepare and polish your language skills. 

As it works with any interview, what you need to do to lay a good impression on them is practice and prepare. Regardless of the medium of the interview, you need to ensure that you lay across your skills and accomplishments in a way that they understand and grasp, and essentially impress them enough to land the job. 

You will need to know a bit about the company and ask them the right questions, which will give you a broader idea of what you expect from the company and what the company can offer you. With these things in mind, you can move forward and start looking today!

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