Top 10 Reasons for Getting Laid Off

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28 Oct 2022

There may be several reasons for an employee to get laid off. However, some companies may lay off employees without a reason. Unless stated otherwise in the contract, your employment can be terminated at any time without any reason and without notice. Usually, however, there are reasons that lead up to this situation.

Having said that, most employers won't lay an employee off without a cause. Most terminations are considered termination for cause, which means the employee is terminated for a specific reason. Also, keep in mind that a job termination is different from a lay-off. Layoffs take place when an employee is let go because of a lack of work or some other issue.

However, one must understand the difference between terms such as 'laid off' and 'terminated'. While both means you are losing your position at work, it most definitely does not mean the same. When an employee is terminated, there is no further chance for the employee to be rehired in the company at a future point. This type of termination is not temporary, it relates to their performance or behaviour at the workplace. When an employee is laid off, however, it is not related to the employee's personal performance. 

Lay-offs typically occur when a company undergoes downsizing or goes out of business. 

There are also chances for lay-offs to be temporary, since there are chances for the employee to be rehired by the company again.

Here are the top 10 reasons why an employee could be laid off.

1. For Damaging Company Property

This is not the most common reason for employee termination. This could mean even an accidental mishap like putting plastic bowls inside the microwave oven or overusing equipment.

If your actions cause serious damage to the company property, your employers will terminate you.

2. Drug or Alcohol Possession at Work

This does not require any explanation. If you are intoxicated at your workplace or found carrying illegal drugs or alcohol, your employers will terminate you. Not only will that hamper your performance at work, but it is also a punishable offense by the law.

3. Gross Misconduct and Bad Behaviour

Every company comes with a code of conduct for every employee it hires. If there is any sort of misconduct from your end, such as sexual harassment, bullying, stealing, fraud, or criminal misbehaviour, your company will let you go. If you violate company policies, they will terminate you.

4. Poor Performance

Every employee has a set of job responsibilities and a certain monetary or non-monetary target to achieve. We all work towards achieving organizational goals. When an employee is unable to do that, if they do not perform well, and if their poor performance is consistent; if your work requires constant supervision or other employees redo your work, you are not a good investment for the company. In this case, the company will terminate you.

5. Stealing Company Property

Needless to say, stealing from the company or any of its employees is an offense that will make your employer terminate you for sure. It is illegal. This could be any kind of stealing whether it is small, such as theft of stationery, or something big, such as stealing office equipment.

6. Using Company Property for Personal Business/Conducting Personal Business on Company Time

Now, we are not talking about petty things such as using the office printer for taking a few personal printouts or using the copier machine to photocopy your documents, or even sending a personal email using your office computer.

However, if you use office contacts to build a personal business, or use the office internet all day for doing personal transactions, the company may consider it as unacceptable and take a tough call about your employment then.

Also, if you are occupied with your personal business during office timing, or pay more attention to your private affairs on company time, and the company thinks you are not valuable for the salary they pay you, they may let you off.

7. Taking Too Much Time Off

It's a great perk if your work timings are flexible. However, your employers will notice if you take the advantage of this flexibility. This could be by being late to work, or leaving early on most days of the week.

If you're always late, frequently take sick days, or go beyond all your vacation days, employers will make a note of it.

Your absence could interfere with work getting done—both your own work and the work of others on your team. In such cases, you will get the pink slip.

8. Gossiping and Bad Mouthing About Colleagues

Not only is this behavior unacceptable in the office environment, gossiping about the private lives of the people you work with is the worst thing you could possibly do. Bad mouthing someone or making up false stories about them, or spreading rumors will show you in the negative, create a bad impression on your employers, and let you go.

9. Lack of Respect for Authority

Most companies have hierarchies to ensure a smooth workflow. It goes without saying that you must respect the authority as well as your peers and subordinates.

Mutual respect can take you a long way in your professional life. Even if you dislike someone at work, keep it professional and be polite. If you disrespect someone and say bad things to them or about them, your employers will terminate you.

10. Having Inappropriate or Bad Relationships on the Job

This is, perhaps, the worst reason your employers can terminate you. If you get into any romantic or sexual relationship at the workplace, when it is not allowed, employers will take strict action against you as well as the person involved with you.

While some companies allow romantic relationships to blossom on the job, as long as it does not involve two employees reporting to either one, there are many companies that have a strict workplace relationship policy, which must be adhered to.

Failing to do so may lead to your termination when the relationship comes to light of the HR Manager.

These aspects of your work life matter and pushing the line on these matters justifies termination. Avoid such issues and you won’t need to worry about anything.

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