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21 Oct 2022

North India Tour

It is that time of the year again! Yes, the one you have been waiting for so long! It is the time of the year when you pack your bags and head for a vacation of a lifetime. So, have you thought about where you want to go? Well, fret not! We have the best north India tour packages for the traveller and explorer in you! And you will not be disappointed at all.

North India has a plethora of opportunities for the tourists and travelers alike. It is the part of India that is historically and culturally rich, boasts of an inimitable hospitable spirit, and delights with its delectable culinary skills. North India is a complete adventure. Nowhere in the world will you experience so much diversity in such a small area.

So what comprises North India? North India is the area that covers Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and UP. Yes, most of these places are extremely exciting to visit, and with our amazing North India Holiday Packages, you will be able to discover the best of this region.

What are some of the most popular places in North India that you must visit-

Well, North India is a touristy region and has a plethora of amazing destinations and you will never have a single boring moment here. We have the best tour packages for North India, and you will get the wonderful opportunity to explore every facet, to immerse yourself in the myriad hues and colors of this wonderful region.

Some of the wonderful North-Indian cities that you must visit are-

● Delhi

As old as time itself, Delhi, the vibrant capital of the Indian subcontinent is not just another city; it is a timeless saga waiting to be unfolded and read chapter by chapter. Historical records suggest that Delhi was occupied as early as second millennium BC, and it has been blessed with people since 6th century BC. Yes, that’s Delhi for you- amenable, amicable, and delightfully chaotic through the ages. Delhi is also believed to be the site of Indraprastha, Pandavas’ capital in the great Indian epic, Mahabharata. Visit old Delhi where the new and the old blend together to form a beautiful picture; the place where everyone lives in harmony; the epitome of religious tolerance and secularism- Old Delhi is waiting to embrace you in its warm hospitality. Pay a visit to the legendary Jama Masjid, the formidable and grand Red Fort, and the peaceful Seesganj Gurudwara here. Also taste the mouthwatering cuisines, which if you are not used to spices, might make you a little red in the face. Next, visit the Qutub Minar, which has now become the symbol of Delhi.

Near the Qutub Minar, there is the mesmerizing Mehrauli archaeological park, that is almost like a Disney Land for history lovers. It showcases layers and layers of history, and it is so fascinating you’ll feel as if you have traveled back in time. And even after visiting these things, you’d have just scratched the surface. Delhi has this and so much more to offer, you would feel like never going back. Contact us if you want cheapest North India tour packages and we will ensure that you enjoy the best of Delhi.

● Agra

Agra has been immortalized by Shah Jahan, when he decided to give this city the symbol of eternal love- the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal- one among the seven wonders of the world- epitomizes India. The best time to visit the Taj is during a moonlit night, when you can just bask in its timeless beautiy and imagine the days of Shahjahan and Mumtaz’s eternal love. People say that true love does not exist. Well, who listens to people, anyway!

Other than the Taj, Agra has other fascinating attractions such as the Agra Fort, Tomb of Itimad-ud-daulah- also known as the Baby Taj, and Akbar’s tomb. These are some of the best places to visit in North India. Couple of hours from Agra lies the ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri, which was built by Akbar, and showcases some amazing examples of the grand Mughal architecture.

If you Agra and Fatehpur Sikri are something that interest you, then look no further. Contact us for the best north India tour packages by

●  Himachal Pradesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh is blessed with abundant natural beauty and a rustic colonial charm. Of course, we have the touristy and beautiful hill stations like the charming Kullu Manali tour, the enchanting Simla, and the fascinating Chamba and Dalhousie here. But other than that, this beautiful Indian state houses the quaint Dharamsala and McLeodganj known for its peaceful surroundings and cool crowd, and of course mouthwatering Tibetan cuisines. Mcleodganj is also the home of the Dalai Lama, so needless to say it houses some amazing pagodas and Tibetan monasteries. So if you are someone who values peace and tranquility over anything else, you should definitely give this place a try. Another amazing place worth exploring in Himachal Pradesh is the Spiti Valley. It has breath-taking views, colorful scenery, and a lifetime worth of memories to offer. Also visit Kasauli for enchanting sunsets and sunrises, and to witness the tinge of the old-world colonial charm. A laid back vacation here would make you forget all the worries of life, and you would go back to your city-life relaxed and rejuvenated. Also, pay a visit to Solan, famously known as ‘The mushroom city of India’, and ‘the City of Red Gold’ thanks to the abundant mushrooms and tomatoes that are grown here. It will welcome with its picturesque settings and mouthwatering cuisines. Don’t give this quaint place a miss!

● Punjab

The land of five rivers and hearty people welcomes you! Punjab is the place where culture comes alive, where mustard fields dance to the sound of the breeze, creating a near romantic setting for people to fall in love over and over again. Visit the holy city of Amritsar while you are in Punjab. Explore the beauty and serenity of the Golden Temple, and don’t forget to have langar- community meal that is served for free- there. The ‘kada prasad’ that they offer is mouthwatering. You will be overwhelmed by the love and hospitality you receive there. Also, visit the Jallianwala Bagh to get a heart-wrenching account of what happened on the fateful day of 13 April 1919, when hundreds of people were massacred by the British rulers of India. It will make you feel empathetic towards the people who lost their lives fighting for the independence of India. Also, visit the Wagah border- the border between India and Pakistan- to experience an unmatched patriotic fervor on both the sides.

Another place that you should visit is Chandigarh- the capital of Punjab and Haryana. It is a beautiful, well-planned city that has the largest rose garden in the country named after Zakir Hussain- India’s former President. The city also houses an amazing rock garden created by Nek Chand Saini, who used waste materials to construct amazing pieces of art. Chandigarh is a vibrant city that will steal your heart and you wouldn’t want to go back. One day in this city, and it will make you its forever.

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