Types of annoying coworkers

21 Oct 2022

A workplace is usually filled with a lot of different personalities. Some you get along with very well, some you tolerate, while there are the rest who can be outright annoying. There are actually 12 kinds of annoying coworkers you may try steering away from at your workplace.  

The Bully 

These are the worst people to deal with in an office, especially if they are the person in authority in the company. This is the person who will make you hate your job and who will make your life a living hell and will also make you hate getting up for office every day. Soon, you will be dragging yourself to the office and dreading the moments when you will have to face his wrath. While you cannot directly get into a verbal fight with the bully (especially if he is your boss), you can always snap back with sarcastic comments in the presence of your colleagues. This will send across a strong message to the bully and you will also earn your co-workers’ respect.   

The Playboy 

While most companies have strong rules that discourage in-house relationships, especially if it involves a direct manager and subordinate, you will always come across some flirts and some men and women, who love to act flirtatious to get to the top. Make sure you not only steer clear of them but also put them down or file an official complaint so that they stop acting this way.   

The forceful BFF 

Some coworkers will latch onto you as if you guys are best friends. No plans will be made in your absence, no gossip would be shared if you are not around, lunchtime without you is unthinkable of! Try to be polite and maintain your distance.   

The gossip monger 

These people are everywhere. Who is having affair with whom, how the company is planning to sack people, the actual reason behind the attractive coworker being considered for promotion, they know everything and feel free to share it with the world without thinking of its consequences?   

The big mouth 

These are annoying coworkers who would like to tell you about everything that is happening in their lives and how many plans they have made for the future—whether it is with their careers, or with their personal life. But they hardly ever see a plan through. They may talk about big achievements in life and the big things that they plan to do in the near future, but end up doing nothing. They are not liars, but they have a big mouth and are a sad combination of people who love to show off and those who are lazy to actually do any work.   

The boaster 

Some people just love to show off. They think they are too good for the world they live in and will not miss any opportunity to show that around, especially to their colleagues. It is difficult to have a regular conversation with such people because if you end up saying something to them, anything, they will tell you how they are better at that thing, or how their life is better than what you can imagine having. This person will then, end up giving you and other a lot of advice, related to their work, careers, as well as their personal life. This advice comes up on all possible occasions and is there in every situation. There is no escaping this person.   

The pet 

You have certainly heard of a "teacher's pet" and also met such a character when you were still a student. Well, this sycophancy does not stop for some people even after they leave school. They become the boss's pet to make their way forward and remain in the boss's good books, while also pulling other people down subtly.   

The passive-aggressive colleague 

They are a wolf in guise. Expect these annoying coworkers to leave notes or pass comments in between your lunch conversations telling you how you did something wrong, or how you did not do something at all, instead of telling you directly. They have sly comments to pass about everything that happens around them and end up spreading a negative vibe for no reason, which is quite demotivating if experienced on a daily basis. For example, expect them to say to you—"The used tissues will not walk themselves to the waste bin."  

The Chatterbox 

You don't need us to explain to you what we mean when we say, chatterbox colleague. These coworkers are annoying AF because they cannot work without their mouths constantly moving. They explain everything in detail. Chatterboxes share information from their personal lives in minute detail. They do not know when to stop and focus on work, or when to draw a line when it comes to sharing personal information.   

The lazy, dirty person 

Think of a person who would ask you to fill their bottle of water when you get up or ask you to get a cup of coffee when you go to get your cup, or not throw their paper waste in the bin, but wait until they are told to tidy their desk a little bit.   

The loud noisy person 

Some people are naturally loud. But they do not realize how the noise they make disturbs other people around. They may constantly hum a tune while they work, they may beat up a tune on the table, they may crack their knuckles often, or even sing a few lines too loudly with their headphones on. Well, you get the drift. They love to draw attention to themselves.  

The Whiner

There will always be a few people in the office who are constantly whining about how life is unfair to them. Or, how their partner hates them, how they are working so hard but are still at the same position where they started off their career, about how tired they are with everything that's happening with them. They are the ones who will scream the loudest—Why me? Their lunch order will be delivered late, their cabs will get canceled, and they will lose the ticket to the gig for the weekend.

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