Ways Gratitude Can Make Work Feel Great

Mental Health
21 Oct 2022

Gratitude makes the world a better place. It is something that all of us need to make room for more in our daily lives, and practicing it can make things feel a bit lighter in the heart. By practicing gratitude in our workplaces, we allow ourselves enough room to fully accept and appreciate the efforts made by our colleagues and other companions as well.

Fitting for a team with a mission to ensure that work feels great.

Gratitude is a powerful feeling. By feeling this and by letting others know you feel it creates a lasting impact—a positive one. It doesn’t even take too much time to allow it to create a massive impact neither. 

It boosts happiness

By expressing gratitude, you are on your way toward a fuller life. It boosts happy hormones and positive feelings, you start thinking of good things associated with your workplace. By being positive about your workplace, you not only boost productivity at your workplace but you’re on the road to emotional happiness. 

Makes you a better person

When you display gratitude you not only become a better person, you invariably become a better colleague as well. It gives you a chance to engage more freely with the people you work with, and you smile more, too. With you being a happier and more approachable colleague, people will be willing to help you more. You can help with difficult customers and listen compassionately when problems arise. 

You get to love your job more

It is known that when you feel grateful, you appreciate the things you have. That’s what gratitude even means! When you display gratitude to the people you work with, you invariably get to love your job too. You’re basically happy with almost everything that there is at work and you start seeing the positives. Even feeling grateful for a few minutes (which you can trigger by sending a thank you email or just reflecting on aspects of your job you love) has been shown to up satisfaction.

It helps you with your work

Coming from the previous point, when you love your job, you not only feel happier but you also work harder. You recognize goals in your work that you want to achieve and move towards those goals. 

Kills your stress

Obviously, when you are grateful about your job and the people you work with, you won’t have much to stress about. If you routinely feel grateful to those around you, your colleagues will eventually help you out too and thus reduces stress a great deal. 

You make friends

When you thank someone for something that they did, especially when they don’t expect you to, you make a friend. Gratitude is known to strengthen relationships at work, especially with colleagues and managers and even acquaintances. Most of us want to reciprocate when someone does something nice, but the effects of gratitude go beyond returning the favor—gratitude also increases socially inclusive and prosocial behaviors.

You start feeling better physically

Don’t be alarmed. You read right. By feeling grateful, you boost a great many things. It isn’t just an emotional response to something nice, it even boosts your physical health too. You get better sleep, and thus you are well-rested and are able to focus better. 

So, remember. Feeling a bit grateful today for something someone did to you? Let them know. You feel grateful for yourself to just coming to work? Good job. Gratitude can get us far, but this is only if we allow it to do so. 

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