Words and Phrases Keeping You From Getting Hired

21 Oct 2022

You feel that you have the perfect resume, the best recommendations, and also the experience needed for the work but still, somehow, you are not able to crack the interviews. There could be quite a few things going wrong, in such a situation, without you knowing and your choice of words or phrases may be one of them.

So, here's are words and phrases to be avoided?

Well, the usage of the following words and phrases would be a good start.

Words or Phrase #1: ‘I really want/need this job’

The recruiter is not present to be charitable but is looking for your enthusiasm. While you may need/want the job badly, expressing it out loud reveals a kind of desperation which recruiters don’t respect. Using a phrase like ‘I am excited to see where this goes’, would be received in a more positive manner.

Words or Phrase #2: "I am a hard-working/quick learner/ self-motivated’ etc.

The recruiters are tired of listening to these lines and their efficacy no longer exists. They appear memorised and they lack your individuality. Every other person believes in the same lines and hence, you saying these words makes you one of the crowd, and not distinct.

 Words or Phrase #3: ‘My manager/boss/team and I didn’t get along’

While this may have been true and that may have been your manager’s/boss’/team’s fault but the fact that you are ready to wash your laundry in public implies you could do the same with the new company.

 Words or Phrases #4: 'Perfectionist’

The mere utterance of the phrase would make the recruiter roll their eyes and frame negative opinions about you. It is a cliche which reflects an arrogant side of your personality and is not appreciated by the recruiter. When asked for a weakness, reveal a genuine one like being slightly uncomfortable at public speaking or something of that nature. They appreciate self-awareness.

Words or Phrases #5: ‘When can I join?’

While your intent may have been to show enthusiasm and readiness, the recruiter may see it as an assumption on your part. Avoid this at all cost.

 Words or Phrases #6: ‘I wasn’t paid enough’

Payment negotiations are one thing but to outright bad-mouth your previous company about low pay would not be appreciated by the recruiter. As the saying goes: what Suzane says about Sally says more about Suzane than Sally, your bad-mouthing your previous company says more about you than the company.

 Words or Phrases #1: ‘I have no questions about the company’

Never say that you have no questions or doubts about the company you are trying to join. It is not possible that you know each and every aspect of your new job and saying otherwise reflects a sense of over-confidence. Always approach the interview with at least a few queries of your own.

 Words or Phrases #1: ‘You know what I mean’

No, the recruiter does not know what you mean and that is why you are there, to explain what you mean. The sentence is never welcome and reflect your inability to articulate your own thought. Must be avoided.

These are some of the regularly used phrases which turn off a recruiter but that’s not all. The tone of your voice plays a role too. Do not appear over-excited, condescending, lost, or presumptuous. Keep your tone in tune with the interview and you’ll be home safe and dry.

But the most important thing to remember is that in an attempt to oversell yourself, do not underestimate the recruiter’s ability to see your true self. If you have to assume, assume that they are good at their jobs too.

Hence, it’s both what you say and the way you say it

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