AI Powered Course Authoring

Unleash Boundless Creativity, Amplify Impact

Harness the power of Generative AI with our cutting-edge Course Authoring Tool.
Create content tailored to your learners, whether it's in the form of bite-sized micro-learning modules or a comprehensive course that suits their needs perfectly.

Course Authoring powered with Generative AI

Discover a ground breaking approach to course authoring that harnesses the power of Generative AI. Calibr's cutting-edge course authoring platform combines the latest advancements in AI with a user-friendly interface, empowering organizations and instructional designers to create compelling and engaging learning experiences like never before.

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    Drag and Drop Course Builder

    Use the drag-and-drop course builder to drag sections headers, lists, images, audio, videos, files, interactive elements and questions and rearrange them.

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    AI Powered Content Editing

    Use Calibr's AI-powered content editing to receive intelligent suggestions, improve clarity, perform spell-check, enhance coherence, and optimize your content for maximum impact and outcome.

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    Upload Audio and Video Files

    Upload or link Audio and Video files to seamlessly integrate multimedia content into your courses. With just a few clicks, enrich your lessons and enhance learning experience.

Interactive Elements to make your Course Engaging

Engage, captivate, and inspire learners like never before with interactive questions, flashcards, accordion, and multimedia rich content. Transform passive learning into an immersive experience, fostering active participation and learning outcomes. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to create and customize interactive elements, allowing you to create dynamic, engaging, and impactful learning experiences.

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    Create collapsible sections that allow learners to expand and explore topics at their own pace.

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    Flash Cards

    Craft flashcards with text, images, or multimedia to help learners memorize key concepts and facts.

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    Our Quiz feature empowers you to design interactive assessments that help you gauge and enhance learner understanding.

User Roles and Permissions

Assign specific roles and permissions to different user groups, ensuring that each user has the appropriate level of access and functionality within the system.

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