Accelerate learner success with learning analytics

Unlock the power of insights with our learning analytics feature - drive data-informed decisions and supercharge learner success. The analytics feature of Calibr platform empowers administrators with actionable insights into learner engagement and performance. Through comprehensive data tracking, it provides real-time visibility into progress, assessment results, and participation metrics.

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Measure and report learner progress

Deep dive into data-driven metrics to measure learner engagement, performance, and knowledge gaps. Track individual progress with precision and tailor personalized learning paths for maximum impact.Uncover valuable insights with comprehensive analytics and generate reports to showcase the impact of your training initiatives.

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    Granular Progress Tracking

    Track learner progress with precision, keeping a close eye on achievements and areas that need attention. Track learning hours, course progress and assessment results.

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    Generate, Export & Share

    Generate and export detailed reports on learner progress, providing concise information for stakeholders. Showcase the impact of training initiatives with ROI.

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    Maximize ROI

    Stay up-to-date with real-time learner progress, enabling proactive interventions to address potential bottlenecks thus maximizing ROI of your L&D budget.

Track content effectiveness

Dive deep into data-driven metrics to measure engagement, completion rates, and learner interactions with your content. Uncover valuable insights that empower you to enhance the impact and relevance of your courses. Identify areas for improvement by analyzing content performance. Discover which sections resonate most with learners and which might need revisions, enabling you to refine and enhance your training materials.

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What our customers have to say about Calibr

  • I can't stress enough about how user friendly this platform is compared to other LMS tools I have gone through
    11-50 employees
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    Pranamya R
    HR Manager
  • I am having a great learning experience with Calibr, I use to miss the libraries where I can go look into the available books/learning materials and curate my own learning path but not anymore, with C...
    10,001+ employees
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    Neha P
    Project lead
  • The course authoring tool of Calibr is very intuitive and easy to use. The user interface is very simple and minimalistic. We have mostly experimented with Calibr for internal product and sales traini...
    1001-5000 employees
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    Shilpi J
    Sr. Technical Product Manager
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