Manage Users and Groups Effortlessly

Streamline User Management with Our Powerful User Management System

Effortlessly manage user profiles, permissions, and groups, all in one centralized platform. Seamlessly assign learning content to individuals or groups and track progress. Provide a personalized learning experience to individuals or groups and increase learning outcomes.

User and Roles Management

Unlock powerful user management capabilities with Calibr's robust User Roles and Management feature. Seamlessly control access, permissions, and roles within your learning ecosystem, maximizing security and ensuring a personalized learning experience. Tailor access levels to match your organization's structure, from learners and authors to managers and admins.

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A User Role for every User
in your Organization

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    The admins hold the key to configuring every aspect of Calibr. Grant a select few users with comprehensive privileges to tailor the platform to the specific needs of your organization.

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    Authors are your subject matter experts and understand the learners and their learning needs. They use our authoring tool to craft beautiful and engaging learning experiences for your learners.

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    Learners are at the heart of Calibr platform. With our learner-centric approach, we prioritize their unique needs, providing a seamless, personalized and engaging learning experience.

Unite, collaborate, and excel together with Groups

Seamlessly create and manage groups and organize users with similar attributes into different groups. Map your users into groups based on their job roles, functions, projects, cohorts or other attributes. Deliver personalized experiences by displaying content specifically curated for each group, ensuring learners receive the most relevant materials. Provide your learners with the personalized learning experience they deserve.

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Add Users in different ways

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    Invite Users Manually

    Create users one by one by sending them an invite through Calibr's user management section.

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    Bulk Upload Users

    Add thousands of users in a go by uploading a spreadsheet of users - all that we need is an email address.

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    Integrate and Update

    Create and manage users automatically in the background by integrating your HRMS with Calibr.