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7 Best Practices in Corporate eLearning: Enhancing Learner Engagement

Chandni Ahuja
5 Jun 2024
21 min read
7 Best Practices in Corporate eLearning: Enhancing Learner Engagement

With corporate eLearning becoming more and more popular every year, several organizations have shifted their focus towards online learning to upskill their employees by providing engaging learning experiences. In fact, 72% of organizations believe that eLearning will help them gain a competitive edge in the market and keep up with the evolving trends in technology. 

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have started providing work-from-home and hybrid options for their employees. But then this brings up the most challenging part: employee upskilling online. With no proper time to prepare engaging learning modules or learning spaces to bring all the employees together, many HR managers and L&D experts have been struggling to provide a seamless corporate training experience to their employees

Moreover, according to research conducted by Microsoft, humans tend to have an average attention span of 8 seconds, which is only one second shorter than that of a goldfish. So this highlights the need to create an interactive content module that drives the attention of your learners. So, you have been seeking ways to instill the same level of enthusiasm and energy in online corporate training to upskill your employees without making it look like the same old, cliche training program. Well, worry not! You have come to the right place! 

Let’s deep dive into the 7 most powerful strategies in corporate eLearning to empower your employee workforce and enhance their knowledge retention

But first, let us get a brief understanding of what is corporate eLearning and how it benefits organizations on a larger scale.

What is Corporate eLearning?

Corporate eLearning, also called corporate online learning or workplace learning, is essentially using technology to deliver training programs to employees. It's all about engaging learning modules, which are designed to equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their roles. 

With the newfound emphasis on eLearning, instructional designers, and L&D specialists need to create a proper narrative around the learning material to make it more engaging and easy to understand. 

A great teacher or mentor in the workplace can make or break the entire learning experience. The trainer’s passion for delivering the subject with clear communication and ensuring that even complex topics sound interesting and easy to digest is the power of effective corporate training for employees.  

Here are some of the key characteristics that define corporate eLearning:

  • Delivery: Corporate eLearning modules can be delivered online, and are easily accessible on various devices like computers, tablets, and even smartphones.
  • Content: It focuses on work-related skills and knowledge, tailored to the specific needs of your organization.
  • Benefits: Corporate eLearning programs provide flexibility for learners to access training at their own pace, and reduce costs associated with traditional in-person training.
  • Formats: Organizations can deliver corporate training in various formats like interactive modules, videos, simulations, or even gamified experiences.

5 Benefits of Corporate eLearning

In a fast-paced corporate world, empowering your employees with the latest knowledge and soft skills is crucial for staying ahead of the curve. And since traditional training methods are excruciatingly time-consuming and disruptive, corporate training for employees has become a compelling solution in many organizations, including Top Fortune 500 companies adapting the best eLearning practices to boost productivity in business

Also, let's face it! Between deadlines, meetings, and that ever-growing email inbox, carving out time for traditional training in the workplace can feel like an impossible task. But what if you could help your employees develop new skills and stay sharp on the job without sacrificing your precious time? That's where corporate eLearning comes in! 

Here are the 5 reasons why eLearning might be your new best friend:

1. On The Go Learning:

No more scrambling to fit into a rigid training schedule. Corporate eLearning lets you squeeze in bite-sized lessons whenever you have a free moment—on your commute, during lunch, or even first thing in the morning. The flexibility of delivering micro lessons has made things so much easier for the instructional designers and corporate trainers, as well as the employees. Microlearning allows you to deliver the necessary information and break down complex topics into smaller chunks, making it simpler for your employees to understand and learn. 

2. Bye-Bye Boring Lectures:

 Forget about those long, drawn-out presentations. Utilizing the best practices of eLearning includes using interactive modules, videos, and even gamified elements to keep things engaging and fun. This allows your employees to actually retain information better when they are actively involved in the learning process! 

3. Conduct Targeted Training:

It is always best to do smart work instead of hard work. But how do you get there? Invest in the best practices of corporate eLearning that focus on targeted sessions, ensuring that each employee reaps the benefits by the end of the training program. For example, you can provide employee training on a code of conduct to help them understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality in the workplace or conduct targeted soft skills training programs to help them gain personal and professional confidence in the workplace.

Whether your employees wish to brush up on their industry-related skills or learn about a new software program, eLearning provides targeted training that helps your employees excel in their respective fields of work. This not only boosts employee retention but also improves their confidence and ability to perform better in the workplace. 

Calibr.ai also offers you the Information Security Awareness Program to empower your employees with the essential skills to safeguard sensitive information and protect workplace data from potential threats and security breaches. You can easily sign up for the free demo session to learn more about the online course for your employees.

4. Keep Up With The Curve:

With the constantly changing trends in the corporate world, eLearning is your buddy to upskill your employees and keep them up-to-date. Syngene Research says that the online learning industry is estimated to grow by 9.1% by 2026. Keeping up with the new eLearning trends allows you to avoid irrelevant information and conduct a focused and targeted training program that helps them learn exactly what is needed.

5. Scalable Learning Experience:

Imagine you are tight on budget and the traditional training method incurs additional costs of travel, food, and accommodation for the trainees. This is where corporate eLearning comes in handy! It helps you ditch all the hefty expenses and deliver the same training program with more effectiveness online. Ken Landau, the director of technology-enabled learning for IBM, says that their company saved approximately $200 million by utilizing online learning methods to provide corporate training to their employees.

Conducting corporate training for your employees online saves you cost, time, and energy, while also allowing your employees to learn and upskill themselves anytime, from anywhere. Think of eLearning as a lifetime investment in a grocery delivery app that saves you time, gas, and energy in traveling back and forth to purchase a few groceries. 

With the growing demand for workplace training for employees, it is important to consider the welfare and safety of your employees. For instance, think of how well-detailed and well-organized POSH training for employees would boost your business productivity. The POSH Act (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) in the workplace was introduced to protect all individuals from any kind of workplace violence or workplace harassment. So investing in the best LMS software is the best way to ensure the safety of your employees in the workplace while also ensuring that the training program does not exceed your budget.

Well, now that you have understood the benefits of corporate eLearning for your organization, let us find out the best practices you can apply at your workplace for guaranteed learner engagement.

7 Best Practices in Corporate eLearning for Effective Employee Engagement

So you have decided to dive into the world of eLearning to improve employee engagement and retention? Well, then it is important to understand your target audience and the end goal while you prepare a training program for your employees. Understanding the motive first will help you implement the best practices in corporate eLearning and development. 

1. Strategizing

Imagine you’re a project manager, caught up with meetings and deadlines at work. You wouldn’t just get started with the new project without setting a timeline and assigning the project's roles and responsibilities to your employees, would you? You would plan out a clear strategy to simplify complex tasks and ensure that the tasks are distributed equally.

A meticulously planned strategy that aligns with your organizational goals will help you deliver the right corporate training and allow your employees to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain a secure work environment and perform better in their roles.

2. Customizing 

Well, now that you have come up with a strategy to proceed with the training, you need to figure out different ways your employees grasp the information. Each individual has their own way of learning. While some folks enjoy reading manuals and texts, others love to learn via videos and visuals that include real-life scenarios and examples. So it is important to understand your targeted audience before you prepare the content modules.

By incorporating multimedia elements, personalized learning paths, and interactive UI features, you can create engaging learning modules for your employees, captivating their attention and helping them gain better knowledge retention. Calibr LXP is a user-friendly learning experience platform that allows you to use AI assistants to create lesson texts, course outlines and auto-generate quiz questions to gamify the learning experience for your employees.

3. Gamifying 

Who doesn’t love gaining knowledge through interactive, gamified experiences? When you’re preparing to engage eLearning modules for your employees, you may want to gamify their learning experience to keep up the fun part of learning and bring out their competitive edge in the workplace. 

Gamifying the learning experience is one of the best teaching strategies that has proven to work in many industries worldwide. As per the statistics, approximately 49% of the employees get bored and distracted without any gamification experience in workplace training. Incorporating this strategy as part of corporate eLearning practices would engage your learners, allowing them to concentrate better and come up with accurate solutions to the tasks.

4. Diversifying

It is best recommended to diversify the learning experience for your employees by using a variety of learning formats. These formats include video training, virtual instructor-led training sessions, or even microlearning. Developing these methods helps you engage your employees and remotely learn as much as possible.

In addition, you can also create audio notes, prepare visual worksheets, graphs, and slide decks, or even conduct webinars to enhance their learning experience online. Utilizing various forms of learning ensures that you grab the attention of your learners and help them grasp the information in gamified and easy-to-understand formats. 

Utilize Calibr Craft to create engaging microlessons with the help of Generative AI. You also get to access ready-made course modules on categories like compliance course - Code of Conduct and POSH and Soft Skill courses - Empathy and Effective communication skills, etc. to help your employees gain a better understanding of the work ethics and code of conduct in the workplace. This program module highlights the significance of following corporate etiquette, guidelines that govern the principles of a code of conduct, and a fun quiz to test your knowledge.

5. Humanizing

It is very important to ensure your content is relevant to the subject; especially in corporate training for employees. Include real-life scenarios and explain the subject with as many examples as you can. This allows your learners to relate to the subject and get a proper gist of the context. 

Apply the case studies wherever possible, as it would allow your learners to understand them from different perspectives and apply them to their work roles.

6. Self-Evaluating

The whole point of conducting a training program for your employees would be to upskill them and see the outcome. You would obviously want to check the progress of the learning program and find ways to improvise the training sessions as per your employee’s needs. So, you can conduct self-assessment tests, quizzes, and surveys to analyze how well the training program is helping your learners.

Calibr.ai provides engaging eLearning courses to corporate trainers, allowing them to track progress and also improvise the training program as per the needs of the learners. This helps you keep your employees hooked on the fun quizzes and motivated to improve their knowledge and skills to perform even better.

7. Optimizing

The last, and most important practice in corporate eLearning is to invest in robust course authoring tools and employee training software to create engaging training programs for your employees. It is quite time-consuming and exhaustive to manually create training programs for instructional designers and L&D experts. So, it is best recommended to see affordable LXP and LMS platforms as a lifetime investment for your organization.

With the help of an efficient and affordable corporate LMS, you can handle all aspects of corporate employee training, from gamifying and delivering to keeping track of the learning progress. Calibr.ai offers the best LMS and LXP platforms, allowing you to assess the individual goals of each employee and provide targeted training by preparing engaging modules within minutes with the help of Generative AI.

Empower Your Employee Training With Calibr.ai

Building a successful corporate eLearning strategy does not just require you to assemble a few training materials and videos; it requires a lot more than that! It requires you to analyze the medium of delivery and identify the challenges arising along the way. It takes patience and a keen eye to observe the different learning styles of your employees so you can deliver training programs tailored to the needs of your learners. 

But wait, Calibr LXP lets you explore ready-made course modules and pick the best-suited corporate training program to upskill your employees online.

While it can be a challenge to pick the best course-authoring tool out there, we, at Calibr.ai, make things simpler for you by providing you with the best AI-powered course-authoring tool out there! So request for a free demo and learn how to create your own eLearning module for corporate training today!


1. Is corporate eLearning effective for all types of training?

While eLearning is a powerful tool, it may not be suitable for all types of training. Complex topics or those requiring hands-on practice might benefit from a blended approach that combines eLearning modules with instructor-led sessions or workshops.

2. What are some popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) for corporate eLearning?

Several LMS platforms offer features to manage and deliver eLearning programs. Some popular options include Calibr.ai, Moodle, Blackboard Learn, SAP Litmos, and Cornerstone OnDemand. 

3. What are the benefits of corporate eLearning?

Corporate eLearning offers flexibility (learn anytime, anywhere), keeps things engaging (videos, games!), and targets specific skills for each employee. It's also cost-effective and keeps your workforce up-to-date!

4. What is corporate LMS?

A corporate learning management system is an eLearning platform that allows organizations to deliver effective learning experiences to their employees. 

5. What types of corporate eLearning courses can I access on Calibr?

You can access a broad category of eLearning courses, such as workplace compliance training, behavioral and soft skills, and so on. 

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